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"You know there are no words for you or Ruthaven--I believe it is heaven on earth. Thank you so much for everything! All my friends keep telling me you need to let everyone know about Ruthaven, so if you ever need a good word, you know who to call. I never would have thought I could feel thankful for the whole experience, but I do."

- Penny


"We are so grateful and pleased with how you all cared for and "loved on" our Mom (Grandma). Ruthaven was the perfect place for Mom's last chapter to be written. We, as a family, will be recommending Ruthaven to anyone who needs a loving, caring, professional place to help care for a loved one.
Thank you, again, to all of you who aided in Mom's care...With our love and gratitude."

- The Family of Lois R.


"Just a note of thanks and appreciation for the care you and your staff gave my Mom during her stay at Ruthaven."

- Bob and Sandy V.


"Thank you so much for how quickly you responded to Henrietta and her family needing placement, and for all the wonderful care you give our patients. Great job!"

- Janine


"Just want to thank all of our new friends at Ruthaven for all the wonderful care Ruby got! God Bless!"

- Ruby and Family


You are welcome to read the original letters and special notes we've received from our residents' families and friends throughout the years when you visit us at Ruthaven. We've selected just a sampling of what FAMILIES AND industry professionals are saying about Ruthaven.


We appreciate all that you have done for my Mom over the years. You and your staff have given me great peace of mind.”
— Thanks, Vicki